Scott Nelson Life story

This is just one big page where I can write about myself.

Think of it as a mini autobiography.


  • 1988: Born in the West Midlands, UK
  • Online poker
  • First business
  • 2008: Cardiff university
  • 2009: Set up a business – sold 500,000 products
  • 2010: Graduated, sold business
  • 2010: Moved to London (Putney), partied
  • 2010: Set up a bunch more small businesses, sold a couple more
  • X: Moved to X, London (add all of these in)
  • 2011: Went all in
  • 2012: Failed, got a job at Adventure Bar
  • X: Got a Product Manager job at KOBAS
  • X: Set up MoneyNerd?
  • X: Got a job at VOGA – launched into 4 european markets
  • X: Launched Dream Zebra – first mattress in box in the UK
  • X: First venture capital backed startup, Shopa – marketplace – ahead of it’s time – what Instagram shopping is now.
  • X: Move to 118 118 – London, Cardiff, Ausitin, New York, Paris (it’s that year I did 36 flights and god knows how many trains and taxis)
  • X: launched loans product
  • X: Launched credit card product
  • X: Launched mobile app
  • X: Moved to Newday – launched X, Y, Z – see CV
  • X: Contracted for Newday (mega money) – 13 teams, $13M budget
  • X: Left to focus on MoneyNerd
  • X: Moved to Malvern
  • X: Moved to Worcester
  • X: Met my partner, Zoe
  • X: Moved back to Malvern

About me

I once strived for the world, but now I’m getting to grips with other things in life.

I work hard for the love of the game. I like seeing the graph goes up. Work is my hobby.

My life philosophy

I focus on my inner circle – that means me, my partner, my family, my friends, my community.. maybe one day I’ll expand my focus to my county, country and the world.

I don’t read the news – I speak to my friends to figure out what’s going on in the world – if it’s important, then it will come to me.

I love work more than anything else

This is bad, it’s a constant battle to focus on other things – health etc. My relationships, pull me out of work, that’s a good thing.

I used to collect /qualifications/

I’m an introvert

I love one to one convos

I’m ok in a group, but they drain me.

I’m a minimalist

Constantly trying to get rid of things. Tidy space, tidy mind.

I like nice/ functional things and I stick to those things – see /uses/